(Wii Virtual Console / Neo Geo)

The King of Fighters '97 (Wii Virtual Console / Neo Geo)

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Another year, another King of Fighters.

Additions this year come in the form of slightly improved graphics and sounds, new moves and a new game mode. Gameplay is much more plot-driven, as you have middle-bosses that can change depending on what team you select. In addition, there are several special endings which are only shown when certain "Edit Team" combinations are selected.

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Posted by James Newton

The once and future king

Despite being the fourth in the series, The King of Fighters '97 is only the third to reach the Wii Virtual Console, SNK Playmore having skipped King of Fighters '96 in favour of its bigger, beefier brother.Without '96 to bridge the gap, the jump from...

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Bass_X0 said:

I would have preferred King of Fighters '96 before KoF97 but I'll download it anyway. If KoF96 comes later, I'll download it then.

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