Mario Party

Mario Party


Nintendo 64
Hudson Soft


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User Ratings: 28

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Mario Party News


  • Feature Our Favourite Mario Party Memories

    The Nintendo Life team share tales of glory and broken friendships

    The Mario Party series is intended to engender friendly competition in a colourful, cartoon-like world, but as we all know, it rarely ends up like that. Few Nintendo franchises are capable of totally destroying relationships like this one, and since the inception of the series in the...


  • News Did You Know Gaming Explores Mario & Religion

    As you might expect, it gets a bit out there

    Did You Know Gaming has provided us with insight into a wide variety of topics throughout the Nintendo universe. Did we ever expect them to be juxtaposing Super Paper Mario with artistic depictions of ancient demons? No, but we suppose there's a first time for everything. This latest installment of the...


  • Mario History Mario Party - 1998

    Let's get it started

    In this series of articles we'll write about one Mario game every day for 30 days, each representing a different year as part of our Super Mario 30th Anniversary celebrations. We'll admit it, we're cheating a little with this entry. All entries in this series of articles have - until now - taken their release dates from the...