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Harvest Moon (Game Boy Color)

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Farming is hard, sweaty work.

Only the strongest, hardest working farmers succeed. Your task is to juggle all of the different elements of farming and ranching. With some luck, you might even become a Ranch Master.

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Posted by Mike Mason

Under thresher

The Harvest Moon series has always promoted the ideals of hard work and patience over the instant gratification found by more recent prods at gaming agriculture like Farmville. This attitude is even more apparent in Harvest Moon on the Game Boy Color than...

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alexntb said:

I'm pretty sure that this is the most minimal of all Harvest Moon games. You're forced to be in it for the farming on this one, and even that has some hitches: very few crops to select from, a time cycle that is far too short, and some other blemishes. One coming to mind is that giving the Harvest Sprites your tools in order to upgrade them renders them un-usable for large stretches of real time. If you're down for a Harvest Moon experience boiled to its core, this could be your thing, but I'd recommend the SNES iteration over this one any day, and even the second Gameboy Color Harvest Moon game.

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