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Blaster Master: Enemy Below (Game Boy Color)

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An old enemy has returned, and the world is once again in danger. Only Jason, hero of the original Blaster Master, and his all-terrain tank Sophia the 3rd can save the day.

Blaster Master Enemy Below brings the series’ trademark mix of action and exploration to the small screen. Shoot through enemy-infested environments in your tank, and then jump out to continue the fight on foot.

Explore eight sprawling catacombs, battle bosses to win upgrades for Sophia the 3rd and delve deeper into the enemies’ lair.

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

Underground hit

When the original Blaster Master made its appearance on the NES in 1988, it was lauded for its unique gameplay style and vast environment. Sunsoft would follow up the game with releases on Sega's Genesis and Nintendo's Game Boy, but it wasn't until it...

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MrArcade said:

A second gameboy color game! 0_o
Blaster master? I think i'll miss this one.



TheGreenSpiny said:

Has this been announced? I love Blaster Master but never played this one. Will be an instant download for me.



Geonjaha said:

Of all the GBC games Nintendo - seriously? :/
The game looks alright, but there are plenty of great games I was hoping for next for the GBC VC. Never the less its good to see at least some GBC games coming along.



Bass_X0 said:

Of all the GBC games Nintendo - seriously?

What does Nintendo have to do with this? It's SunSoft's game. SunSoft decided they wanted to release a GBC game on the 3DS VC and Nintendo let them. Simple as. Its just that every other company would rather push their old b&w GB games instead of their later GBC games right now. Not SunSoft's fault. Or even Nintendo's fault (except for not releasing more GBC games themselves).



Geonjaha said:

@8 Well Nintendo have a lot to do with it considering that its their online shop; go figure? Yes, Sunsoft decided to release their game but Nintendo contols release, and didnt have to give us one GBC game, over 20 GB games, and then this GBC game. Not saying this is a bad game, it looks alright - There is just so much more that Nintendo could be releasing as their second GBC game to the eShop.



realar said:

Wait, if they're releasing Sunsoft titles, then...

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