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Pokémon Emerald (Game Boy Advance)

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Posted by Laurie Blake

Some things, it seems, never change

In Japan in 1996 a craze started; by the turn of the century, it had worked its way around the world capturing the hearts and minds of gamers as easily as a level 3 Rattata is caught in a Master Ball. That craze was Pokémon: Nintendo’s pocket monster...

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ShinyGold said:

I Just Found Out that there can be some pokemon games that Corrupt Becuse my firered said this when i went to go on the save file this is the little thing it said The save file has been deleted...



madog9 said:

This game is really fun I played it for a while and it was great!! the coolest feature of the game that i think is cool is the island where you can challenge the battle frontier! (I think I spelled frontier wrong).

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