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Mario Kart: Double Dash!! (GCN / GameCube)

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The Mushroom Kingdom just got a whole lot more hectic as Mario and company double up for furious kart racing, but this time they're driving two-seaters!

Pick a partner and race through wild courses as you compete in tough circuits or duke it out with power-ups and items in battle arenas.


  • Double the fun! Each kart holds two racers that can switch places at any time. Choose from a huge cast of favorites, like: Luigi, Peach, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Wario and many more, and pair them up in any combination. The character in front handles the driving duties, while the character in the rear doles out damage with six different items plus eight special items that only specific characters can use.
  • Reach new levels of frenzy with four-player mayhem, as each player controls two characters as they speed through Mushroom Kingdom courses.
  • Place first in racing circuits to open up progressively more difficult circuits. Of course, you can have multiplayer races on any open courses or battle in arenas.
  • Link the game with eight other players using a broadband adapter and race each other side-by-side using multiple game systems and multiple televisions!

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Posted by Spencer McIlvaine

Double the usual number of exclamation marks means double the fun!!

Mario…perhaps the most multi-faceted video game hero since MacGyver. He can make fireballs out of flowers, plays tennis and baseball professionally, balances two careers (carpentry and plumbing), and even has two girlfriends. Okay, maybe MacGyver wasn't...

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User Comments (6)



mariofan5000 said:

this game is so cool! especially the fact that you can have 2 characters in 1 kart. in MKWii they should've gave you the option to play with 2 people in 1 kart or play with 1 person in 1 kart!



mstar224 said:

i've played this game with my cousin and it is fun and i am thinking of getting this game so i can try to get better onthe gamecube remote i have never been good with the standard remote but is worth a shot



nintendonerd147 said:

1000000000000000000:10 best mario kart EVER and the gamecube was my 1st console i owned and i got this game in the package it definately is AWESOME

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