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Fri 30th Apr 2010

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mstar224 commented on Mario Kart: Double Dash!!:

i've played this game with my cousin and it is fun and i am thinking of getting this game so i can try to get better onthe gamecube remote i have never been good with the standard remote but is worth a shot



mstar224 commented on Review: Mario Kart Wii (Wii):

this game is awesome to me and my whole family enjoys it even though i crush most of them at it the only thing i see they could have done was to make a part just for all the rainbow roads but you would have to unlock it after geting star rank in all the other cups that would have been the best idea for the game it would make the game harder as welland much more fun. but other than that it is the game for people who don't like using the average remote and for people who do which makes it the best mario kart game



mstar224 commented on Mario Kart Wii:

here is my mario kart wii freind code
marshall: 5457 0482 1931
now i need some one to put their freind code here now