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Quarth is a puzzle game in which players control a ship at the bottom of the screen, firing squares at incomplete shapes in order to clear them before they reach the bottom.

Originally released on Game Boy in 1990, arriving on the 3DS Virtual Console in February 2012, it's now on the way to North America.

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Posted by Philip J Reed

Break it down

Originally released for the Game Boy in 1990, Konami's Quarth takes the presentation of a Space Invaders-type shooter, and instead gives us a puzzle game. As tempting as it might be to enter these stages with guns blazing, what Quarth actually requires is...

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Sabrewing said:

One of the few import cartridges I had, courtesy of my dad who often took business trips to Japan. Really addictive from what I remember, but at the time I had no idea how powerups worked, heh.

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