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Lock 'N Chase (GB / Game Boy)

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Moolah. Dinero. Scratch. There's money to be had, and it's everywhere.

Sacks O' Cash are scattered around the streets of this fair city, just waiting to be nabbed. Even diamonds. Payday has arrived!

There's only one... small... problem. It's not your money. (Details, details.) And the police aren't too jazzed about your taking it. So they're going to try to do what the Boys in Blue do best. Stop you.

Race through the streets in 6 non-stop levels of action. Duck in and out of alleys. Scoop up the bucks. Avoid the cops. Even throw up a barrier or two if they come too close. if you're good enough, you might make a clean getaway.

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Puzzle Pac-Man

Data East had quite a few relatively unknown Game Boy games back in the day. Much BurgerTime Deluxe, released a few weeks ago, Lock 'N Chase is essentially a "sequel" to the original arcade game, with the same general gameplay but with many more...

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CrazyOtto said:

This may be worth downloading if it saves high scores. The Data East compilation on Wii isn't portable.



Geonjaha said:

Getting tired of only looking at GB games to download :/
I want some GBC options!



bryceone said:

The gameboy version of Lock'n Chase is so much better than the arcade version. Every world has 3 levels, and every new world offers some new challenge. After completing the game, you are given a code to unlock the EXTRA mode, which starts you off on the 2nd half of the game at Level 7-1...giving you 40 levels in all. A great game to pass the time waiting for trains, buses, school to end, etc. I still have the original cartridge. I don't have a 3DS yet, but I would definately pay the few dollars for it.



stromboli said:

I have the gameboy version, and it has great music, but.. I can't use it on a GBC so it's not steady black or green, it's a bit tougher on the eyes/shadier but it's still the same game so I won't buy it. I intend to try the Data East Arcade version.

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