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Worlds of pinball fun in the palm of your hand!

Choose your world and take aim! Kirby will be launched into the fast-paced dangers of uncharted worlds, but you can help him face his foes head on. It's a pinball race to check out each new world's surprise enemies and pitfalls.

Flip Kirby in battles against lethal eyeballs, a shooting tree and mace-swinging maniacs. Take aim and leap into new worlds!

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Posted by Philip J Reed

Less than the sum of its parts

While primarily known as the star of a reliably charming series of platformers, Kirby has also starred in a fair share of spin-offs. One of those, Kirby's Block Ball, came to the eShop just a few months ago. It's a flawed but fun reimagining of Breakout...

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Fabian said:

I remember playing this Game for hours when I was young insta buy for my



Azikira said:

The Pinball minigame in Mass Attack was amazingly fun. Definitely want to try this now.



grumblegrumble said:

Got this earlier today and I am totally loving it. Much more addictive to play and fun than the previous Kirby game (imho) I would give this one a 8/10. Fantastic!



Joygame51 said:

Will someone please tell me why the 8bit stuff is only for the 3ds folks???? Common gang its not as if the DSI is incapable of playing them???? YA KNOW!



Joygame51 said:

I have the Original cartrage for the GB and love this game... its an a " when I'm to tired to play much else game ... Some nights thats all I have the umph play when I'm really beat .

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