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WordJong Arcade is the sequel to the hit Nintendo DS puzzle game!

WordJong mixes Mahjong solitaire and word play. Use letter tiles to create words. WordJong Arcade has 2 new ways to play, ARCADE and YIN-YANG.

In Arcade Mode, use power-ups, multipliers and long word bonuses to get amazing high scores. Spell your way through 8 levels of action. Can you reach the final dragon level and win?

In Yin Yang Mode, test your skills by using only White or Black letter tiles to score. The target color changes each turn, so be sure to plan ahead. Play solo, or challenge a friend with pass-and-play!

There are 12 achievements to earn, tons of puzzle shapes and tracking for all high-scores and game stats.

For addictive, unique, word-forming fun try WordJong Arcade today!


  • A unique blend of word and tile games with unlimited replay value!
  • 2 exciting modes of play: Arcade and Yin Yang!
  • Jade Tiles for big score multipliers!
  • Power-Ups for that extra edge when needed!

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Posted by Zach Kaplan

Will it put a spell on you?

A DSiWare shopper with yet another mahjong solitaire game is like a mule with a spinning wheel – no one knows why he got it, and darned if he knows how to use it. But WordJong Arcade stands out from the pack as it gives the game a Boggle twist; instead...

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grumblegrumble said:

I'm slightly interested in this since I love both word games (huge Scrabble player here, Words with Friends and WordFeud on my phone) but I also love MahJong. Very tempted to get this! Wanna see some impressions first, though, before I plonk down $8 for this.

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