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In 2037, a small remote town in the South American Andes was cut off from the outside world by a mud slide.

After a full week of heavy rain, there was a massive explosion at a bio-chemical military facility located on the outskirts of the town due to a power outage. A beautiful red haired girl with deep red eyes emerged from the darkness; her name,”Chilia”, possessing incredible combat skills, you must utilize her abilities to search for survivors of the town before night fall. Other objectives include setting traps, collect items, and using various weapons to defeat unknown creatures. The more you experience battle, the more skills you gain.

During nightfall the danger level increases, so you will need the help of survivors in the camp to protect it for a course of 7 days. You must fight off vicious creatures starving for their next meal until the rescue team arrives, but until then, you are their only hope for survival.


  • Utilize Chilia's unique combat skills to rescue survivors
  • Set traps, collect items, and defeat creatures
  • The more you experience battle, the more skills you gain!

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Posted by Ron DelVillano

Diamond in the Dust

Quite a few attempts have been made at producing a good DSiWare action RPG by now. Some of these games turned out to be top-notch, and others not so much. Thankfully, The Lost Town - The Dust falls into the category of games that are definitely worth...

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