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New and improved version exclusive for the Nintendo DSiWare service, now with Multiplayer mode.

"Elite Forces: Unit 77" is an action game with basic tactical elements.
Unit 77 are four specialists with different combat skills:

  • Bill Matic, the "Hacker";
  • Kendra Chase, the sniper;
  • T. K. Richter, the explosives expert; and
  • Dag Hammer, the green beret.

You will have to drive armored trucks and tanks, defuse mines, locate explosives and rescue hostages. Gather your forces into a crack squad when your enemies are threatening to overwhelm you or control a single game character based on the strategic requirements.

Extra features:

  • 12 missions, 3 scenarios
  • A range of combat activities
  • 1-4 players
  • Improved game controls with the stylus

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USA USA Version

Posted by Philip J Reed

Definitely forcing it

On paper, Elite Forces: Unit 77 sounds great. A number of high-profile and wealthy individuals have gone missing all over the world, and it's correctly assumed that this is just the first step in a global terrorist plot. Desperate, the world turns to a...

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