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Over 65 million years ago on Dodo Island, a robo-dodo has arrived from the future.

His name is D-800 and as the leader of the Dodo resistance, he has been programmed to complete one important mission: to train each dodo to survive the death-defying hazards that the Cretaceous period has to throw at them. D-800 has one ally – robo-eggs – synthetic replicas of delicate fragile dodo eggs.

With hours of gameplay, players use their Nintendo DSi stylus to guide robo-eggs through a range of inhospitable environments whilst encountering obstacles and advanced machines. Armed with a toolbox and their creativity players manipulate the environment to lead the robo-eggs to safety by digging, filling, sawing, scraping and cutting.

Featuring an extended training mode DodoGo! Challenge is rated PEGI 3 in Europe and is now available on the Nintendo DSi Shop priced at 200 Nintendo DSi Points.

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Domo arigato, DodoGo! Robo

With two games already available on DSiWare — DodoGo! and DodoGo! Challenge — you'd be forgiven for thinking that each DodoGo! game is simply a level pack expansion to the previous game. This was true for the second title, Challenge, but things are a...

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