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Play Crazy Pinball like never before – so much fun and action, just like at the arcade.

The game is packed with five fantastic tables and plenty of themes to keep you entertained. Go hunting for points with the Safari Flipper, or zoom from one goal to the next with the incredible Deep Sea Flipper.

Crazy Pinball – the ultimate in portable pinball!

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

The only thing crazy is that nothing about this game is crazy

There aren't many pinball games on DSiWare. We have no clue why: they're pretty much perfectly suited to digital distribution. dtp Entertainment has given us Crazy Pinball, the second pinball title available, and its name seems to imply that it is quite...

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barucci2000 said:

i got this and i am very bored with it. maximum 200 NP worth. Pulse Pinball is the game!

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