Cosmo Fighters (DSiWare)

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All can play, only the one well trained will win!

Ready for multiplayer action?

Out in space there's a battle to fight but before you meet your fate, train yourself against the CPU to master all the tricks and combos. Either one on one or you against a bully group of 3, all your training will pay off once you challenge your friends and foes.

Send your friends a Demo to allow them play solo or in a Versus mode! This feature works via the DS Download Play, available on the Nintendo DS & Nintendo DSi systems. Finding opponents for the Multiplayer mode will be really easy as only one of you has to own the full game.

Let the fight begin!

  • DS Download Play
  • Up to 4 players
  • Different levels of AI
  • Battle modes: one on one or by teams

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USA USA Version

Posted by Jacob Crites

Decent multiplayer fun

If the DSiWare service is lacking one thing, it's a compelling multiplayer experience. And if it's missing two things, it's a compelling multiplayer experience and a solid fighter. Cosmo Fighters, the latest from developer Abylight, hopes to kill both...

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sam322 said:

wow i didn't really expect this from abylight.Don't they only produce music apps?



Accela said:

Yes and that Tower Defense game. Looks like they found some actually good team members. C:

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