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"This is our lovely island, and we will never allow the Empire to ruin it!"

You are a member of a family of military geniuses who came from the Empire, and have lived on a beautiful island for many years. The Empire then arrived on the island and now control everything, and are seeking valuable resources and gold. They have ruined the island's environment and have hunted down and killed the tribal people; some of whom are your friends. You must now stop the Empire and protect your people by becoming a commander and leading your people against the evil Empire. This is a revolution for you and the entire island!

Game Features:

  • RTS/RPG elements
  • Advanced AI
  • New mode of difficulty
  • Set tactics for each battle/Multiple battles join-able during a war
  • Allies are at the ready to battle your enemies
  • Obtain coins to research new techniques that upgrade abilities
  • Many more features await your discovery!!!

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USA USA Version

Posted by Philip J Reed

It revolves, but it doesn't evolve

The first Castle Conqueror game was one that we definitely felt comfortable recommending. It mixed cutesy aesthetics with fast and addictive gameplay, and while seasoned RTS veterans no doubt found the game a little too simplified, the amount of fun it...

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