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There are a whole range of options to make this classic puzzle game even better.

Take on your friends in multiplayer mode or even make and swap your own levels. Try out the funny animations, zoomable playing area and if you’re having difficulties, the unlimited undo option will help with the most challenging of brain-teasers.

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Posted by Philip J Reed

You certainly can't claim false advertising

So far, GameOn has made its name on DSiWare with simple games executed well. Box Pusher does nothing to buck that trend, offering a gaming experience that manages to be both vast and shallow, but what this game lacks in personality it easily makes up for...

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Nintendo Download: 23rd February 2012 (North America)

23rd February 2012 (North America)

Boxes and more

The download is in and it includes gnomes, armadillos, puppies, kittens and... boxes. Who said games characters can't have personality any more? DSiWare: Box Pusher (GameOn, 500pts) — You're the box pusher. Pushing boxes is what you do, and you do it well. In fact, you're the greatest box pusher this town's ever seen. Make and share...

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grumblegrumble said:

Umm, it kinda reminds me of Sukomania (by the looks of it) of course I could be wrong here. While I thought Sukomania deserved a slightly higher score than what was given here on NL, it was definitely not everyone's cup of tea and if this game is anything like that other one I know it will be given a pretty low score.



sirmarcelot said:

basically sokoban in 3d? hm.. i guess i will pass it. unless if it were dirt cheap...



KingMike said:

Yeah, looks like another Sokoban clone (or also known as Boxxle, Boxyboy and possibly its greatest alternate name: Shove It! The Warehouse Game).



runeacer74 said:

it kinda reminds of over the hedge DS with the top screen in 3D and the bottom screen 2D

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