Boom Boom Squaries (DSiWare)

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Furries are cute, happy and round beings that enjoy rolling around in the sun all day long.

But the bad tempered, stone cold Squaries, hating everything that is round and fluffy, attack the unsuspecting Furries! Now it is up to you to create chain reactions that will pop the evil invaders.

Prove your skill in 4 different game modes: classic, challenge, time trial and endless. Use Squaries special abilities like gravity, air blast and split to plan your blasts for maximum efficiency! When you are done with 26 levels of classic mode and 40 challenges, you can enjoy the never ending fun of endless mode and beat your high-score in the time trial.

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Posted by James Newton

All the right angles?

Pitched as a spin-off title from WiiWare platformer Furry Legends, DSiWare puzzler Boom Boom Squaries is very similar to Flash and iOS game Chain Reaction: you tap the touchscreen to cause a small explosion that detonates any enemies it touches, causing a...

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pippa said:

This would be a cute game, but it 'cheats' and lets you win if you fail a level enough times. The little squaries suddenly double their speed and come toward the 'boom'. What's the point?
I am so annoyed by this because I quite liked the simple concept.
I want my money back! **Stamps foot**

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