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At the dawn of the 30th century, the invention of the tachyon-reactor saw the beginning of the space age.

With small quantities of "Star Platinum," a mineral found in the asteroid belts, the tachyon-reactor could produce an immense amount of clean energy. This maintained interplanetary travel and the gigantic oxygen-generators required by the colonies. Human colonies appeared on all the 9 planets of the solar system.

In the Year 3187, a vast pirate fleet appeared out of hyperspace and caught us off guard. In a short time our defences were destroyed, leaving the area under pirate control. After numerous defeats it was decided to stop harvesting the "Star Platinum." The pirate leader sent a final ultimatum right before destroying the last of our battle ships: "The only way for the federation to survive is to surrender."

  • 18 unique enemies and bosses
  • 8 different levels each with 4 sub-levels
  • Easy, normal and hard modes PLUS insane mode unlocked by completing the game in hard mode!

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USA USA Version

Posted by Ron DelVillano

Lost in space

Just when you thought that the DSiWare service had nothing left to offer except some word puzzles and interactive children’s books, along comes Astro. It's quite clear that this is intended to pay homage to the Atari classic Asteroids in its design and...

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