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Lovers of the Viewtiful Joe series rejoice! Everyone’s favourite super hero is back and this time exclusively on the Nintendo DS in Viewtiful Joe™: Double Trouble™ launching across Europe on the 24th February 2006.

How does Joe make his handheld debut? In an all-new and exciting adventure of course! Joe’s latest mission is to save the essence of ‘super hero-ness’ after it is stolen from the set of Captain Blue’s newest movie by the sinister Queen of the Madow. It’s up to Joe to crush the villains with his Viewtiful Joe powers and recover the stolen footage containing the ‘super hero-ness’, saving Captain Blue’s film from the cutting room floor. As we all know, every great super hero needs a sidekick and this time Joe has two! His forever-faithful girlfriend Sylvia is back - filming Joe to enable his Viewtiful Joe™ super powers and alongside her and making her debut is Jasmine, Joe’s sister.

New recruit Jasmine helps Joe out on his quest by providing him with necessary health upgrades, as well as becoming a playable character in parts of the game. Set across six enormous levels dotted throughout the movie studio, each stage is an adrenaline filled adventure featuring its own unique theme, ranging from a miniature world inspired by the movies to a Christmas nightmare theme.

For all Capcom fans there is even a level inspired by Resident Evil using music from the game, set in an old mansion. Between each level, players get the opportunity to buy ‘Power ups’ with the reward points they’ve gained, such as extra moves, additional lives and items. Viewtiful Joe™: Double Trouble™ also features the ability to select your own level of difficulty, so whether you are a hero in training or a fully-fledged superman there is a setting for you.

Just like previous Viewtiful Joe instalments, the visuals of the game utilise cel shadowing techniques in combination with 3D environments, taking full advantage of the Nintendo DS’s processing power. However, this is not the only way in which the game makes use of the consoles unique capabilities. Viewtiful Joe™: Double Trouble™ also utilises the console’s dual screens and touch screen functionality.

The unique features of the Nintendo DS make this title a must own on this handheld console, and the unique elements of this game are exclusive and only possible on the Nintendo DS. The dual screens display the action and environments in all their glory, while the touch screen is used to perform special moves and actions.

It also allows players to physically interact with the game when using the Special VFX powers. By collecting these powers through battle and puzzle solving elements, players can use the screen to zoom in on specific areas, rumble the earth by rubbing the screen or even split a room or object in half and interact with them separately. On top of this, the whole game is set to high quality sound effects and upbeat dance and rock music, completing unique visual style and game play! Viewtiful Joe™: Double Trouble™ powers its way into stores across Europe on 24th February 2006 at the estimated retail price of around €40.

Capcom is the Developer and Publisher of this title and Nintendo is the distributor.

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Posted by Thomas Bowskill

Superhero Joe returns for a portable adventure, but is it Henshin a good-good baby?...

Viewtiful Joe Double Trouble is yet another instalment in the classic Capcom series about the superhero who loves films, Viewtiful Joe. The DS outing had a lot to live up to in comparison to the console versions, maybe a bit too much was expected?For me...

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Jeroen1 said:

A bit on the easy side, especially compared to it's console brethren, but the puzzles make use of the touchscreen in an unique way. Looks and sounds great too, for a DS game. But be warned; the action has been reduced dramatically, as the emphasis lies more on puzzles this time.

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