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Rune Factory 2 is the sequel to 2009's critically acclaimed Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.

A spin-off from the incredibly successful Harvest Moon series, Rune Factory took all the elements that made the series so popular and invigorated it with an RPG style of play. The resulting combination of simulation and adventure mechanics made the game a winner and received high praise from critics and fans alike.

Rune Factory 2 offers the same half-farming, half-fighting hybrid design as its predecessor did, but builds upon the foundations this set to offer a bigger storyline, more monsters and the opportunity to play through two generations of characters.

A man with amnesia wanders into a town named Alvarna, where he meets Mana, a happy and helpful young woman and daughter of the local farmer. Mana takes pity on the man and gives him an empty plot of land and basic tools so that he can live for himself. Upon developing his life with a new identity, both his farm and his relationships grow, leading him to get married to his chosen bride and conceive a child with her. One day, he regains his memory and remembers why he came to Alvarna in the first place. Resuming his quest, the man leaves his young family in the middle of the night. Years later, his child continues looking after the land but has begun their own quest to find their father and discover his reasons for leaving.

Key features

  • Continuation of the critically acclaimed Rune Factory mechanic, combining classic Harvest Moon gameplay with engaging RPG elements
  • Play through two generations; first the father, then the son/daughter
  • Unlimited farming resources; your land is always growing, even when the RPG story is over
  • Four huge dungeons to hone your fighting skills and cultivate special crops
  • Start your family with any of the female villagers you encounter; pick from over a dozen potential spouses
  • Tame monsters you encounter to help out on your farm

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SyFyTy said:

I bought RUNE Factory 2 here in the states some time ago. Those who played the first one will not be disappointed on the follow up. I especially liked being able to make money by getting quests - tasks from the town bulletin board, in addition to growing, selling, and so forth. Better than just finding out by accident what was available. Same great art style. More save locations besides home. I felt it was just better all the way around, some had minor complaints but i can't imagine what they were talking about. They complained of the similarities... what like Pokemon is totally different each time? <major sarcasm> LOL?



SyFyTy said:

I'll double dip here... Note to
Natsume , :regarding this Rune Factory,and
Intelligent Systems about Fire Emblem and Advance Wars?
oh and Camelot for Golden Sun?
Just keep 'em coming and I'll keep buying 'em. You can bank on that.
'Me Casha is Su Cash-a'
(Spoof on Spanish phrase)

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