Rayman DS (DS)

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Even with no arms and no legs, Rayman® is one of the most recognizable videogame characters around the world. The fearless and friendly Rayman heroically arrives on the Nintendo DS to defeat the pirate terror that has enslaved his world.

Players will assume the role of Rayman and travel through magical worlds with surreal landscapes and gorgeous eye-popping 3D graphics.

Key Features

Lush Environments
" Race and battle through 45 intricately designed areas.
" Explore waterfalls, deep sea caves, and pirate hideouts rendered in rich 3D.

The DS Advantage
" Monitor your progress, track your lums, and keep an eye on Rayman's health on the interactive bottom screen of your DS.

Diverse Fast Paced Gameplay
" Run, jump, ski, swim, and fly with your helicopter hair.
" Fly rockets, ride whirlwinds, and surf lava flows on the road to victory.

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Posted by Michael Ryder

Any port in a storm?

For those of you who missed out on the PS1/N64 generation of the late 1990s, Rayman was actually quite a big deal. Viewed by many well recognized gaming institutions as one of the ‘Greatest games of all time’, Rayman 2: The Great Escape received many...

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motang said:

Man I was wondering what happened to Rayman and was hoping Ubisoft would make a Wiiware game, but it looks like they will be making a DS game...now I second StarMario22...bring it out already!



McGruber said:

I bought this game when it came out. The original is good. I miss platformers like this. So tired of mini games. They need to re-make Rayman!



DinoandAllen said:

Allen Reviews Rayman DS.

A port of a good game, is it still good?

I think this game is an early game in the DS's lifespan, I though this would be a good port, but due to the lack of an analogue stick, the controls would probably suck. It's a shame that there is no extra content.

Gameplay 23/25

The gameplay is quite simple really. It's more or less the same from the others.

Controls 11/20

The lack of a joystick on the DS makes this game's controls bad altogether!

Music 12/15

The music is nice, but it is kind of static sounding.

Graphics 6/10

The graphics are like a N64 game...not surprisingly.

Presentation 8/10

Portable Rayman 2...enough said.

Lasting Appeal 10/20

It's rather long, the main adventure will get you around 6-10 hours. Unfortunely, the game only has the main adventure.

Final Score 70/100 7/10

The game is ok, but it could've been a LOT better!

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