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Welcome to the utterly weird world of Project Rub, the insanely addictive game where you'll have to flick, blow, poke, stroke and rub your way into your girl's affections. With 30 increasingly bizarre love matches, from poking balls to vomiting goldfish, you'll have to use the power of touch, voice and even your breath to bring the game to its climax.

Key features

  1. A love story played through 30 unique games as you compete for the lady of your dreams
  2. Innovative DS hardware with touch screen interface allows gamers to interact with software like never before
  3. Rubbing is the new LOVING, using the stylus pen, rub the screen to win the heart of your sweet heart
  4. Blow her away, certain mini games require you to blow on the screen to save your damsel in distress
  5. Discover the secrets of "Super Performance", "Love Scene" and the "Miracle of Love"

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Europe PAL Version

Posted by David Snoddy

"The Rub Rabbits help you to score with the girl, but how does the game itself score?"

Rub It! Touch it! Breathe on it! Yell at it! Are the best phrases to describe Project Rub (Feel the Magic). The game makes use of every feature that is individual to the DS. Making it one of the most exclusive and refreshing titles around. Quirky can not...

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Poketendo said:

When I saw this game, I thought it was weird. When I saw the developer, I thought it was even weirder.

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