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Rub It! Touch it! Breathe on it! Yell at it! Are the best phrases to describe Project Rub (Feel the Magic). The game makes use of every feature that is individual to the DS. Making it one of the most exclusive and refreshing titles around. Quirky can not even begin to describe a game as creative as Project Rub.

Project Rub does not fall into any game genre. As your sole task throughout the entire game is to impress the young girl you have fallen in love with. Where as she hasn’t noticed you exist! What is a young man to do? Why, join with a fanatical performance group called the “Rub Rabbits” of course! Making this one of the most interesting love stories you will ever come upon.

As your adventure begins you quickly realise that getting your young sweet hearts attention is no easy task. As you adventure through desert, jungle, urban and space environments. Yes that’s right space, to get your lady.

So how does the game look? The graphics in Project Rub are nothing to shout about. They are quite simplistic with the main characters being merely silhouettes with clothes on. The cut scenes are set out in a comic strip style that adds to the games eccentricity as the choice of colours are all OTT.

The graphics aren't superb, however what sets this game apart is the absolutely addictive style of game play that is unique to Project Rub. Your tasks range from rubbing the screen frantically to save your beloved goldfish from the belly of a man. To touching tentatively to clean up the woman you love. I can hear you thinking, “Well almost every game is touch screen on Nintendo DS”. A demonstration of the innovation in Project Rub is that it takes this one step further and puts to use the microphone on your DS. Yes this includes blowing out candles, blowing your ship across the sea to save your love from sharks. Or even shouting “I love you” to get her attention. Though this may get you noticed if there is other people around.

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It is the originality of the game play that keeps the game fresh and un-repetitive which some games are now lacking. You will find yourself being drawn into the story as the effective features on the DS give the player a much more intimate play.

Though what love story would be complete without the bad guy! Yep you guessed it Project Rub has one mean baddy to offer. Who is trying to score with your girl! The game also has a wide array of bosses to keep you occupied and frustrated for hours on end.

As for sound Project Rub is somewhat lacking as the cut scenes are the same noise each time, accompanied by simplistic sounds during the gameplay. However there is some catchy music during the game that you will find yourself humming to. Though this game is not about the sound but the completely distinctive gameplay and ideas. The sound is sufficient enough to keep you amused and if it becomes to aggravating you can always turn it down.

So when you complete this wacky love story what else is there to do? Well, after normal there is hard and after hard there is hell. Hell mode takes this game to another level as you only have one life on each scenario. This gets extremely frustrating and will ultimately test your DS mastery.

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The game also includes a classy little dress up feature which contains all the pieces you have unlocked for your love to wear. There are also 60 Easter eggs hidden within the cut scenes that you can find to unlock more outfits for your sweet heart.

However, once you have completed Project Rub, and you know the story, sadly the novelty wears off. Although it is a game that you can easily come back to on a rainy day and enjoy all over again.


Project Rub is an incredibly enjoyable game and is a must for those who own a DS. If you don’t want to buy it then definitely borrow it. As its inventive game play makes use of all the features of the DS and will keep you entertained for many hours... as well as getting emotionally attached to the characters in the story line! Relax and enjoy this game and you will truly realise that it is a child of its time.