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Classic shooting gameplay Using the stylus as your weapon of choice, tap tap tap your way to testing your hand-eye coordination!

Multitude of shooting mini-games Play through 40 different mini-games including shooting clay pigeons, aliens, cardboard criminals, etc... All collected from the original Point Blank series.

5 different modes:

  1. Arcade: Play through four different levels of difficulty with varying numbers of stages
  2. Wireless VS: Challenge your friends utilizing the wireless feature with only one game card and find out who's the quickest draw
  3. Brain Massage: Play through various stages while the game analyzes your abilities and gives you feedback accordingly
  4. Freeplay: Select any stage at any time to challenge your best score
  5. Classic Coin-Op Games: New stages adapted from Namco's classic coin-op arcade series

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Posted by Anthony Dickens

Dr. Don & Dr. Dan return to our screens, breaking free from the PlayStation universe and emerging on the DS.

For those that don't know, Namco's Point Blank series originated as an arcade title back in 1994 along with its partner in crime, Time Crisis. Both games were ported over to the PlayStation using the fashionable G-Con 45 light gun. Point Blank was...

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