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Might & Magic Clash of Heroes is the first puzzle adventure RPG game from Ubisoft. It is inspired by the famous Heroes brand and set in the Might & Magic universe. With a cute manga art direction it has been re-mastered into a glorious 2D environment.

As a prequel to Heroes V, 40 years before, Might & Magic Clash of Heroes is set across five different regions of Ashan (a part of the Might & Magic world).

Live an exciting adventure as you play 5 different heroes, alternate between exploration in various maps and battle in turn-based puzzle games, in order to accomplish your quest.

Key Features

  • A complete adventure game mixing exploration, strategy & puzzle battle
    1. Explore maps to collect items & resources and unlock units & artifacts
    2. Level up a hero and hire its army
    3. Turn-based puzzle battle system with offensive & defensive combos & spells
  • Five different factions, five different heroes with five different campaigns into the mythic fantasy universe of M&M
  • A colorful art direction in a manga style, mixing cute 2D environments & beautiful illustrated cut scenes
  • Single card & Multi-card 2 Players PVP Mode

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Europe PAL Version

Posted by James Newton

A classic DS mash-up is born

Mixing the heavy plot and masses of dialogue from an RPG with the instant gratification of a puzzle game might seem an odd choice, but Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes pulls it off with aplomb.Reminiscent of classic DS puzzler Meteos, Clash of Heroes...

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The DS has loads of good puzzle games - Picross, Tetris, Meteos - and some fantastic strategy titles too - Fire Emblem and Advance Wars chief among them. But it could certainly do with more great puzzle strategy games; titles that blend the addictive action of matching coloured objects with the cerebral challenge of conquering enemies and planning attacks..

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Got an outstanding revw from n-gamer scored at 90 or 92%. A sort of a puzzle rpg. Not my kinda thang, but sounds great



RyuZebian said:

... I'm still waiting for the next HEROES of Might and Magic. But if you just swap a few words, this could become Heroes of Might and Magic: Clash. But the order of the words doesn't change just because I want it to...



gaararox224 said:

I played through the whole game. The gameplay and story is awsome! The soundtrack is something that I think could be made into a cd! The ending id th only thing I had a problem with. Instead of like haveing a completed thing on your profile it just keeps you at the final boss. But over all its a great game

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