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United States

Mon 6th Feb 2012

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gaararox224 commented on Disgaea DS:

I first saw this in a World Record Gamers edition book. It looked very interesting. I believe I might be picking this up in the future



gaararox224 commented on Orcs & Elves:

Hmm still playing through this one. So far I like it. This gives a whole new twist to the develpoers of DOOM. This medieval version is fun, action packed, and makes you think quite a bit



gaararox224 commented on Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes:

I played through the whole game. The gameplay and story is awsome! The soundtrack is something that I think could be made into a cd! The ending id th only thing I had a problem with. Instead of like haveing a completed thing on your profile it just keeps you at the final boss. But over all its a great game