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Bizarre and paranormal murders have put Kisaragi City into a state of fear. A powerful mind parasite known as SILENT is spreading throughout the city.

It infects humans and pushes them to perform horrendous acts by controlling their minds. Atsuki is a member of FORT, a secret organisation devoted to eradicating this parasite. Despatched to Kisaragi City as an undercover student, Atsuki has a special skill that can gain him the advantage against an invisible enemy: he can see SILENT.

Lux-Pain is animated by the illustrator behind the Japanese anime series Eureka Seven, Robin Kishiwada, and also features a soundtrack composed by Kenji Ito and Yasuyuki Suzuki who have worked on the Mana series and Space Invaders Extreme, respectively.

Key features:

  • NPC’s you meet are fully voiced and have original stories of their own
  • Unique adventure system - synchronise the two screens and use the Nintendo DS features to find SILENTs and help your friends
  • A touch of Japanese horror-style to add extra atmosphere
  • Emotion system - up to seven different emotions to choose to reply to NPC’s and discover their hidden secrets

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Europe PAL Version

Posted by Adam

A dark and twisted adventure that takes the player deep into the depths of the human psyche - both a truly rewarding and at times painful experience.

Lux-Pain has a tried and tested set-up common in many Japanese visual novels; an idyllic suburb of a Japanese city where all is not what it seems. Fans of the genre will be pleased by the wealth of different settings and characters available to interact...

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Phle said:

I have played the game, it's mostly a walkthrough of a story. I think it has good visual parts and some quite likable characters. I really like this game, but it has some sad drawbacks. One being that strong silent / bosses / enemies can be hard to defeat further into the story. Because if you don't get a high score when you are erasing silent, you get less experience and then you might hit a point where you can't defeat the enemy because you haven't got enough experience. You can't go for farming experience either, at worst, you might have to start the game over. My tip here is to save all the time and if you get a low score when erasing silent, load saved data and do it over. The worst part is still that the text that appears when a character is talking is FULL of incorrect spelling and the text usually says something in a completely different way than the characters do. Sometimes they don't even match up at all. My game copy (bought the game new, the problem was there from the beginnig) has problems playing the character voices, especially further into the game. It starts with some characters losing their voice in some scenes, then they lose it permanently and as I play, more and more characters lose their voice and at the end of the game, characters voices can no longer be heard, but you can read the text while watching the characters mouth move.

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