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"Line Rider" is a true phenomenon, with a seemingly simple, addictive principle. Millions of gamers have already played the Internet version.

Numerous "Line Rider" video clips are found on the Internet, along with fan sites and increasingly spectacular tracks. At the Game Developers Conference, "Line Rider" was awarded the innovation prize.

By pushing a button, a virtual sledder is then released into the previously created landscape, racing down the slope at breakneck speed until he careens off the track.

In Story mode, the main character needs to solve 40 puzzles in eight chapters, hitting certain targets on the way. In Freestyle mode, on the other hand, "Line Rider" artists are absolutely free to create their own exciting tracks. A completely new set of tools is available for this. The self-designed challenges may then be presented on the official "Line Rider" website.

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Posted by David Snoddy

Line Rider slides from a PC Flash game to the consoles: will it ride to success or crash into failure?

Line Rider was originally a simple Flash game where players could freely draw slopes for their sledder to ride down. Even though the game had little structure or goals, it gained considerable popularity among PC gamers, which resulted with many...

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Grumble said:

Line Rider 2 is on sale at Target right now for $14.99... why isn't this game on NL?

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