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The Game & Watch Collection returns in this exclusive Club Nintendo game for the Nintendo DS.

Includes three Game & Watch™ titles, including Octopus and Parachute, originally released in 1981, and Parachute X Octopus, a brand new Game & Watch title that combines both Octopus and Parachute and takes place in the sea.

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Natendo64 said:

I recently got Game & Watch Collection off Club Nintendo, and I think I'd rather get this one off Ebay instead of spending 800 $ in Nintendo merchandise.



RallyFTW said:

Might get, I'm so close........ 160 more points.......... I have Game and Watch Gallery 4 for gba though, so maybe not........



Hokori said:

Ill get this when I get 800Pts, Ive got the Japanese version of the 1st one and love It.



BMS16 said:

What Game and Watch collection is your favorite?  The Club Nintendo DS collections, DSiWare, 3DS Virtual Console, Gamboy systems, or the original Game and Watch system? I don't know what to get. What's worth the money?

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