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Sun 25th Apr 2010

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Natendo64 commented on Rabbids Prepare to Invade 3DS with Travel in Time:

I, for one like the Rabbids. Although I like Rayman, he's already getting his own game called Rayman Orgins.
I'm getting this just because I like to collect every Rabbids game that comes out, since they aren't expensive or rare. Rayman fanboys complain about the Rabbids just to complain.



Natendo64 commented on Review: Cocoto Platform Jumper (WiiWare):

In my opinion, this is the best wiiware game I've played. It's fun, challenging, and, unlike many wiiware games, will last a while. And that really suprised me. I remember the other Cocoto games being horrible.



Natendo64 commented on Game & Watch Collection:

I have this game and I must say, this wasn't worth 800$ in nintendo merchandise. I should've bought this off ebay.



Natendo64 commented on Game & Watch Collection 2:

I recently got Game & Watch Collection off Club Nintendo, and I think I'd rather get this one off Ebay instead of spending 800 $ in Nintendo merchandise.