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Dementium II is a first person, survival horror video game developed for the Nintendo DS.

It is the sequel to 2007's Dementium: The Ward, also for the Nintendo DS. The game was developed by Renegade Kid and published by SouthPeak Interactive. It features many improvements over its predessesor Dementium: The Ward, including different weapons, a larger variety of enemies, the ability to jump and crouch, save points, more enviroments, an improved map system and the removal of respawning enemies.

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Posted by Andrew Wight

A demented good time

Dementium II, the sequel to 2007’s Dementium: The Ward, has many characteristics spawning from a mixture of the Resident Evil-style survivor horror sub-genre and a first-person shooter. You control your character in a first-person perspective through...

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The official teaser trailer for Dementium II, coming early 2010 from SouthPeak Games!

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Despair1087 said:

omg. this is going to be so good. hopefully. i nearly crapped my pants with the first one

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