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In the last Chibi-Robo, our diminutive hero restored happiness to the Sanderson home, but in this DS sequel, he’s taking on the great outdoors.

  • Playground equipment in the park is disappearing mysteriously and the flowers in the park have been transformed by evil monsters. It’s up to Chibi-Robo to save the day and make the park a nice place to visit again.
  • This time around, Chibi-Robo gets to flex his mechanical muscles in new and interesting ways. He rides buggies, cars and boats across lawns and ponds, fights mysterious enemies with his trusty squirter, dances in the park to give life to the plants there and builds playground equipment to make the park a better place.

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Posted by Stuart Reddick

Saving our ecosystems, one park at a time.

Chibi-Robo Park Patrol is one of those few great games that many people are just going to skip over because of its exclusivity to select retailers. Well at Nintendo Life we took it upon ourselves to give this game the review it deserves, and we must say...

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Pastry said:

This is one of the best DS games ever, though not as good as the original.



Pupito said:

Playing through this game now. Never played the first Chibi Robo but my friend loved it and I found this in GameStop over the weekend. It IS a bit repetitive, and the graphics are a bit dated but...WOW. Inspired gameplay! This needs a 3DS sequel STAT. Another fantastic first party franchise.

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