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Relax, Play and improve your mind. Challenge Me: Brain Puzzles and Challenge Me: Maths Workout, with their extended gameplay and variety of features, give you the chance to test yourself while having fun.

Guaranteed to stimulate and surprise with hours of gameplay to keep you entertained, the Challenge Me range is a relaxing and entertaining way to keep your mind challenged and stimulated.

Challenge Me: Brain Puzzles not only offers a thousand puzzles of all challenge levels, it incorporates two of the most popular number based puzzles, Sudoku & Picture Logic! Challenge Me: Brain Puzzles will not only bring you hours of fun and relaxation, it may also improve your mental skills.

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Posted by Greg Kidner

A challenging brainteaser or a couple of mindless puzzles?

If someone had told you a few years ago that a videogame which trained your brain through a series of puzzles and mini games would be one of the biggest sellers on the DS, well, you probably wouldn’t have believed a word of it. However, fast-forward a...

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seasuzie45 said:

i have no idea how to play the picture game... please advise... why can't i figure this out!!! any help would be appreciated...

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