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Create your ultimate team of Soul Reapers and command them in battle in the first-ever BLEACH Strategy RPG game.

In this exclusive storyline, jaw-dropping plot details are revealed about the BLEACH universe from before the start of the anime series. The story highlights the close partnership between two fraternal twin Soul Reapers, Matsuri Kudo and her brother Fujimaru. For the first time, players are able to create and command their own personalised team of up to eight Soul Reapers. In fierce and strategic team-based battles, players decide where to place their team members on the campaign map for ultimate effect. When a battle is won, character?s powers can be customised and levelled-up by the player with the experience points received. Combining amazing story revelations with a lot more choice, strategy and cooperative gameplay, BLEACH: The 3rd Phantom will thrill both fans and newcomers to the fantastic world of BLEACH.

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Posted by Sean Aaron

The first tactical RPG for the modern manga classic leaves some to be desired

The 3rd Phantom is the latest Bleach game on the DS and also the first to depart from the fighting game genre. Instead, Sega have produced a tactical RPG resembling Nintendo's Fire Emblem or Sega's own Shining Force games, with players moving characters...

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TKOWL said:

I'm a huge fan of Bleach, but I'll pass this one for now. The fighters are much better.

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