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Your Mission: Be Alex Rider, as you out-spy, out-wit and out-cool evil on your DS or GBA!


  • Based on the eagerly-awaited big-screen debut of 14-year old special agent Alex Rider.
  • Alex Rider is the hero of Anthony Horowitz's best-selling series of novels about a reluctant teenage British super-spy.
  • Gameplay includes combat, stealth missions, vehicles, and the use of gadgets to achieve mission objectives.
  • Explore the Stormbreaker universe- levels include Ian Rider's house, the breakers yard, MI6's secret Liverpool Street HQ, MI6's training facilities and Darius Sayle's complex.
  • Receive spy gadgets from Smithers that will aid you in combat, navigation, and the ability to unlock special mini-games.
  • Hone your spy skills at MI6's top training camp.
  • Get mission briefings from Mrs Jones and Alan Blunt as you go deep undercover.
  • Become Alex Rider!

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atariman said:

I like the Gameboy advance version better. the GBA version is so much better than most games not made by nintendo. the DS version looks very bad.

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