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Puzzler Mind Gym 3D offers a daily program of brain exercises and puzzles in 3D, designed to help make the most of your mind.

Improve your capabilities in four categories you use every day - Visual, Memorisation, Word-based, and Numerical puzzles abound.

Puzzler Mind Gym 3D is a 90-day program of enjoyable exercises for the mind, allowing players to flex their memory muscle before undertaking the daily Mind Gym Challenges set by Professor Ian Robertson: neuroscientist and world expert on cognitive rehabilitation.

Players can work through each session from start to finish, or choose from any of the 90 daily programs at any time by browsing their preferred game type. Each of the daily sessions features selectable icons representing the four individual game categories of Memory, Word, Visual, and Numerical – and will offer four games that the player must complete in order to access the Mind Gym Challenge for that session.

  • Puzzler Mind Gym 3D is the first title to bring the hit “brain trainer” genre to the Nintendo 3DS, leveraging the platform’s innovative 3D technology.
  • Complete daily challenges of four puzzles and add them to your routine.
  • Monitor your improvement as the tracker automatically records your progress.
  • Get expert advice from Professor Ian Robertson as you play, providing you with useful tips on exercising the mind, both inside and outside the game.
  • As you complete challenges, learn fun trivia about the different areas of the brain and their associated functions. New on-screen 3D brain models immerse you like never before.

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Posted by Zach Kaplan


Brains – we've all got 'em, and up until 2006, many thought that video games would rot 'em. That's when a certain Dr. Kawashima came on the DS scene with his Brain Age training game and showed people, with the help of some (since called into question)...

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