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Learn to Draw Pokémon

In Pokémon Art Academy, players take on the role of a young aspiring artist who enrolls in the Pokémon Art Academy to learn how to draw Pokémon under the tutelage of Professor Andy. Through ever-evolving lessons, players are taught the basics of art, from simple shapes and coloring to more complex methods like shading and blending. Along the way they are introduced to various tools they will use to create their art.

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Posted by Conor McMahon

Make Smeargle proud by sketching Fletchling

Since we first put stylus to touchscreen on the original DS, Nintendo's handhelds have made full use of the unique interface by allowing us to interact with games in a whole new way. Some ideas have worked better than others, but the natural act of...

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PJRandall said:

Its taking three months to localize from the UK? It shouldn't take that long to take the u's out of all the colors....



Geoslim18 said:

@PJRandall oh i didnt look at the release dates and i misread your comment thinking that it was going from US to UK not the other way around. the main reason for the wait was because of bureaucratic nonsense such as getting coppyrights and all that

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