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Join Naruto and Rock Lee in two fun adventures!

A whole new side-scrolling Naruto game developed exclusively for Nintendo 3DS focused on cutesy presentation, comical character style & easy to pick-up-and-play gameplay for fans of all ages.


  • Two different stories – Play in Lee’s raving universe or a super deformed Shippuden storyline
  • Action-packed gameplay – Earn experience points to power up your characters, call-in support characters during battles or use the touch screen to strengthen special attacks
  • Play in Lee’s crazy universe or a unique Shippuden story
  • Endless Battle mode included
  • Use cool attacks, support characters & unlikely skills
  • Comical graphics & funny on-screen actions

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Posted by Philip J Reed

He's a laugher, not a fighter

The first thing that's going to strike you about Naruto: Powerful Shippuden is the super deformed art style. After all, Namco Bandai has plastered it everywhere, so it must be quite proud of how it turned out. That's probably a smart move, because the...

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