Hometown Story

Hometown Story


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User Ratings: 8

Our Review: 5/10

Hometown Story News


  • News Win a Hometown Story T-Shirt Signed by Yasuhiro Wada

    This is a story of the sprite Pochica

    The ever-generous Rising Star Games is giving you the opportunity to win one of five Hometown Story T-shirts featuring a pattern of Hometown Story characters, Brady Bunch grid-style, set off in the center with the genuine by-hand signature of Yasuhiro Wada, the father of the Harvest Moon series: To enter,...


  • News Win a Hometown Story Blue Ember Plushie Signed by Yasuhiro Wada

    They're leaving Hometown

    Rising Star Games wants to add some adorable to the blue in your Monday by giving away three of Hometown Story's Blue Ember plushies, signed by Yasuhiro Wada. To try getting your hands on one of Hometown Story's cutest characters accessorised with the father of Harvest Moon's very own handwriting, just leave a...






  • Interview Hometown Story's Yasuhiro Wada On Making The Difference

    The Harvest Moon creator tells us about his new project

    “Anyone can make a difference”. These words welcome players turning on upcoming 3DS title Hometown Story for the first time, but after meeting its creator and Harvest Moon mastermind Yasuhiro Wada they also become a declaration of intent. His latest game is a ‘shop simulator’ on the...

  • First Impressions Hometown Story

    At home in your pocket

    The 3DS has been on the market for just under three years and it is already home to two Harvest Moon titles, an announced Rune Factory game, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, two entries in The Sims series, and now the upcoming Hometown Story. It seems as though if you’re looking for a life simulator of almost any kind,...