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Dave is a man with big dreams.

In Woah Dave!, players gun for digital glory by slaughtering aliens, stealing their loose change, and racking up the highest score possible. Easier said than done, however, as everything on the map—including your own ammo—is trying to kill you. No one ever said being a Dave was easy.

The brave players who manage to survive the alien onslaught and collect the most coins will be rewarded with top placement on the leaderboards. Do you have what it takes to be the best Dave? Or will you end up playing second fiddle to another, more powerful Dave?

If that isn’t enough Dave for you, there’s also Bonkers Mode with more aliens, more lava, and more chances to get killed. Those who brave the storm will be rewarded with a splendor of precious coinage; those who fail will be revoked of their License to Dave.

Good luck, and may the best Dave win.

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Posted by Dave Letcavage

Working for pennies

Woah Dave is all about classic arcade action. Taking control of a blocky little guy named Dave Lonuts (who happens to bear a striking resemblance to Bert from Sesame Street), players will do their best to exterminate aliens and collect the change left...

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Rex28 said:

Waiting for it to be available in Australia, if it's less than $7.50 x_X



Kolzig said:

7 months gone and still no European release, it really sucks to have regions and region locking on consoles.

Now they even have this in Humble Nindie Bundle.

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