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Murder on the Titanic (3DS eShop)

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It is 1912, and a fabulous voyage on the Titanic awaits you.

As assistant to globetrotter Professor Jacob Larsson, you board that breathtaking ship to experience a wonderful passage to New York. Yet early in the evening of April 14th, Captain Smith unexpectedly requests Larsson's help. Deep within the bowels of the mighty Titanic, the body of a stoker had been discovered. Now it is up to you to solve this murder.

  • 50 faithfully depicted scenes on board the luxurious Titanic
  • Lots of tricky mini-games for pondering and puzzling
  • A gripping story with numerous tasks and puzzles over six extensive chapters
  • first hidden object adventure game at the eShop

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Posted by Ron DelVillano

Lost at Sea

Imagine, if you will, a tale of two young lovers aboard the infamous ship known as Titanic. The woman, young and from an affluent family, in love with a poor man working as a stoker deep within the bowels of the ship. Sound vaguely like a blockbuster film...

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