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It's a MEGA CRISIS! The Mr. Wang Gang is up to no good once again! Take control of the Johnny the super-spy and stop the Mr. Wang Gang’s ambitious evil plans!

Mr. Wang has a super-laser mounted on a satellite in space, aiming to destroy Solid City! In this exciting side-scrolling stealth platformer, find and use all the tools at Johnny’s disposal to infiltrate Mr. Wang’s facilities. Sneak past the security, avoid traps, and confront enemy robots to save the city from Mr. Wang’s crazy super-laser in outer space!


  • Third installment of Johnny's saga.
  • Intense side-scrolling platormer/stealth cross-over.
  • Beautiful hand-drawn artwork.

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Posted by Philip J Reed

Mission: Intolerable

Johnny Impossible is a bad game. We'd be perfectly happy to leave the review at that sentence, as it does actually tell you everything you need to know, but Johnny Impossible is so interestingly bad that we need to say a lot more about it, if only to...

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rayword45 said:

This actually doesn't look bad in the least. Unless they screwed up the controls I think this has a chance of being decent



allav866 said:

I hope to see a review of this to see if UFO has finally redeemed themselves.

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