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Rhymi has to deliver a love letter to a beautiful angel, only she is a little demon and the letter is from the Devil lord himself.

Climb with her to the top of the tower connecting two realms armed with your best dancing moves! Time your steps right, keep to the beat to get moving and grooving away from oncoming danger! Dance under leaping frogs and past black crows, as you collect musical notes and red roses for bonuses. In two bubbly and exciting modes challenge your musical senses either dancing your way to the top, or simply testing how fast you can keep up with the beat! Show off your rhythmic skills and tap your way to Heaven!

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Posted by Ron DelVillano

Some call me “The Human Metronome”

It seems as though rhythm games have really taken off in the past few years, especially on the 3DS. Retail titles have popped up, such as Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy, and more recently the eShop has been receiving musical exclusives such as the wonderfully...

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Kolma said:

Money in my account for whatevs (like 6 bucks)
Waiting on review to see if I should spend it on this game.

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