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On your mark, get set... Family kart!

Join Billy, Sarah, Cuz, and all the family in a lighthearted racing game that has come to the Nintendo 3DS thanks to ARC Style's Family series! Enjoy three different modes: Grand Prix, Free Play, and Time Mode. With eight characters and eight karts, all with their different strengths and weaknesses, you can play for hours challenging the 12 different courses at one of three different levels of difficulty! Then connect to the national ranking online and see how your best times in Time Mode compare to those of your rivals across the nation! Use your items wisely, master the road, and earn your rightful place as the head of the family as you leave your kin in the dust!

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Posted by Morgan Sleeper

A familiar feeling

Fresh off the court from the surprisingly fun Family Tennis 3D, the world's most competitive family returns to the 3DS eShop to hit the racetrack in Family Kart 3D. Developed by Arc System Works - yes, they of Guilty Gear and BlazBlue fame - this is a...

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RinCartwright said:

Sounds like Shovelware Game of the Year. But maybe it won't be.
Edit: I change my mind. After looking up some stuff about this game, it looks pretty cool, and I don't mind the anime art style myself.



fushimushi said:

Looking at the screenshot's this looks like a spin-off/rip-off of the Mario Kart series.



GloryQuestor said:

Actually ... I like this game a lot. Sure, it's derivative of Mario Kart, but for a much lower price point, it does have:

  • 4 course settings with 3 major path shifts depending on difficulty level = 12 distinctive courses. This really isn't a let-down, though, as playing through the higher difficulty throws a lot of interesting obstacles your way (like off-road action).
  • Even though the family member is now an aesthetic choice (unlike Family Tennis, where they did have their own stats), they provide quite a few vehicles to ride in, which leads to crazy combinations. Ever wanted to be a grandma in a kimono riding down a track in a souped-up green tractor?
  • The controls are pretty tight for the most part. I didn't have many issues drifting through the lanes, and the game did respond differently based on the car used.

My only gripe with it is that the ice stages are a bit too slippy, but it's still something pros shouldn't have much of an issue with.

Overall, if you have $5 extra, it's really worth a buy if you don't already have Mario Kart. It's not the best cart racer you can get, but the price is too good to pass up. IMHO, Family Tennis 3D and this are must-buys if you're especially a big anime geek.

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