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Vektor has been imprisoned inside the CPU and he needs your help to escape.

Take control of Vektor and escape the cunning CPU using the abilities Vektor will hack for you.

Vektor needs your help, please don’t fail him now...

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Posted by Philip J Reed

Traces of greatness

Looking back to the release of escapeVektor: Chapter 1 just over a year ago, we're filled with conflicting emotions. We're glad, of course, because the game was fantastic, inexpensive, and thoroughly addictive. However we can't remember that game without...

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jhuhn said:

Nintendo of America 3DS eShop had the game release date for December 27, but thanks to Facebook and knowing the price and having Nnooo contact Nintendo of America about the error posted, they hope to fix it to the December 20 release date. Nnooo will now compensate me by giving me the downloadable game for free.....and it's also on my birthday. SCORE!!! :)



rayword45 said:

First one to buy and announce it seems.

I say get this game. It's really fun with great music and loads of content (the levels are short, but there is a medal system). Totally worth $10

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