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The Denpa Men are mysterious creatures that live among radio waves.

Invisible to the naked eye, they can only be seen and caught by looking through your Nintendo 3DS. In this game, catch Denpa Men, form your team, and head out on an exciting adventure across the world. All to save a special someone!

This time, some Denpa Men can capture monsters, turning them into allies who can be summoned to your side – capture powerful monsters to turn the tide of battle! Also, your Denpa Men friends now have their own little homes, which can be customised and decorated to suit your style.

Online play is now better than ever. Trade items with players worldwide, and lend or borrow Denpa Men. You can import your hero and bring all your friends from the previous two games in the series, too.

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Posted by Morgan Sleeper

Good vibrations

Before Denpa Ningen no RPG washed up on Western shores as The Denpa Men: They Came By Wave in 2012, it felt like a localisation long-shot: a candy-coloured JRPG with off-the-wall style, an AR-based hook, very little story, and deceptively traditional,...

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Pixel-Voxel said:

@fanguy What? You don't want to have your own army of furry little naked men that you can dress up in little outfits? You can even have TREES.

(That is actually what a Denpa Man is. Yep. Furry little naked men.)



fanguy said:

well so far this game has spark my interest it reminds me of Pokemon mystery dungeon



Will-75 said:

i love the first and second titles they start off on a slow build but that ends quickly enough , will most definitely be getting this looks awesome ..

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