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Brilliant Hamsters! (3DS eShop)

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Play with your Hamsters in 3D!

Hamsters are brilliant and they appreciate being well cared for and loved. Take care of your Hamsters by feeding them, changing their outfits and earning new cages for them to live in. Play games with your Hamsters using the AR Card. Your Hamsters will reward you with hours of fun!

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Posted by Lee Meyer

Not quite brilliant

Nintendo revived the pet simulation genre with its hit Nintendogs series, and since then there have been plenty of other pet sims hoping to catch the animal-loving gamers' hearts. Bergsala Lightweight's eShop title Brilliant Hamsters! is a competently...

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grumblegrumble said:

This is obviously aimed at younger kids, so all you 30 year old reviewers, please keep this in mind. lol ;)

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