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Block Factory gives the player control of a falling block puzzle game factory and gives them free rein to use their creativity to build their own classical puzzle game or their own craziest one!

Recreate by yourself the most famous puzzle games, add new features and bloc forms or create complete new puzzles!

14 themes in 3D (some need Play Coins to be unlocked)
12 blocks types (some need Play Coins to be unlocked)
32 puzzle shapes
8 colours
game rules …
Share your creations :
Use QR Code or StreetPass™ to share your creations and unlock new items
Import new puzzles QR Code images
Export your puzzles and highest score as a QR Code and give it away
Show off your best puzzles with your highest score on our Official Facebook page (www.facebook.com/EnjoyGaming) and challenge the world with your own
puzzle games

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Posted by Mike Mason

Block party

If you've ever harboured the desire to create your own block-falling games, Block Factory might just be what you've been looking for. Through its editor you can build new games in the puzzle sub-genre with ease, but in doing so you'll have to look past...

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iphys said:

Lol, I think they found a way to make a Tetris clone without getting in trouble with the Tetris Company. I'll probably download this, because it would definitely be fun playing around with the rules and making your own game.



Djrr-ific said:

Maybe I'll get it.. If it turns out alright and nothing interesting will be revealed in the press release for next week on monday ^^

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